Formula One Driver Embarrasses Himself After Smashing A McLaren Senna LM

A couple of photos was posted on the social media websites showing a crashed McLaren Senna LM after the British supercar was driven by a former F1 driver on the roads of the Principality of Monaco in broad daylight.

The professional driver who had this traffic accident is the German Adrian Sutil, who is 37 years old, and has competed in 7 seasons of the F1 World Championship; From 2007 until 2011, and then he returned to participate in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.  Adrian Sutil raced with the Spyker Formula 1 team, the Force India Formula 1 team, and the Sauber Formula 1 team, and he was the reserve driver in 2015 for the Williams Formula Team 1.

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Check the photos posted on Instagram that show what happened to the exclusive and very special British supercar McLaren Senna LM after it crashed with two other cars:


At the time of writing these lines, there are no details about the cause of the accident, or about the identity of the other drivers of the cars who were involved in the accident besides the former Formula One driver. There no information also about what happened to the drivers after the crash, our Arab GT team hopes that no one was injured in this accident.

But this accident included the crash of one of the rarest supercars, the exclusive LM version of the McLaren Senna, of which only 20 copies were made, according to previous official statements from the British company, and which was based on the circuit-dedicated version, McLaren Senna GTR. The car also got some tweaks from McLaren Special Operations MSO, and it is mechanically poweredV8 at 800 hp.

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