Find Out Why Tesla’s Electric Pickup Is Not Street-Legal In Europe

Tesla’s Electric Pickup was launched about a month ago, and after we got to see Cybertruck being driven on public streets, our team at Arab GT got legal information confirming that the new Tesla electric truck will not be permitted to be driven in all European countries!

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We assure you that this decision does not bear any kind of racism since the 2022 Cybertruck is an American-made pick-up vehicle that has been received very well in different markets across the globe, but the new pickup vehicle has to give up something in order to be licensed and registered in Europe.

The decision not to allow the fully electric Tesla Cybertruck to be driven on European roads was taken by the German authorities

German authorities has announced that the new advanced vehicle body is extremely rigid and does not provide protection for passengers, and its massive design does not provide flexibility to absorb shocks resulted in accidents, which means the car fails to protect other vehicles in traffic collisions.

On the other hand, Tesla’s Electric Pickup does not protect pedestrians from major injuries in case of runaway accidents, God forbid! And this is a very important factor in government traffic laws specifically in Germany where strict laws are imposed to provide safety and security.

Perhaps this decision was taken after the embarrassing situation, when Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, was driving the 2020 Tesla Cybertruck at night on a public road in California, and he hit a roadblock without noticing and just completed driving! After all, we’re talking about a huge vehicle that has shatter-resistant glass according to Tesla’s statements and a solid structure!

These official decisions make us expect that a special version of the new Tesla electric truck will be provided for the European market only, in line with the laws and regulations.



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