Fate Of The Upcoming Ford Mustang V8 Cars Decided

the Fate Of The Upcoming Ford Mustang V8 Cars Decided

Will we see the 7th generation Mustang V8?

The fate of V8 engines in the upcoming new Ford Mustang has been decided according to official statements made by Kumar Galhotra, who is Ford Motor Company Vice President and President of the North American region.

Before we reveal the fate of 8-cylinder engines on the upcoming new Ford Mustang, we would like to remind you of the drift test video that we showed when the Mustang Mach-E RTR was unveiled.

After the shocking government decision in the US state of California that would ban the sale of all internal combustion cars from 2035, which was formally signed, many expectations have spread to suggest that Ford Mustang V8s will not be available in the seventh and next generation of the best-selling muscle car in the world,

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However, official statements settled these rumors by confirming that it is still too early to stop providing the largest gasoline engine on the new Ford Mustang sports car, and there are still 15 years before the date of implementation of the official government decision in California.

The official statement gives Mustang fans years of safety before electric motors control the performance of their favorite sports cars.

“That’s very difficult to predict. The transition is happening before us right now, but when it will happen depends on so many things, like battery costs, fuel cost, and regulation. The input factors are so numerous that I don’t think anybody can predict precisely when it will happen, but the shift is happening.” Galhotra replied when asked how long V8 Ford engines will stay around.

Just as a reminder, Leaning on the hood of a shiny red electric Ford Mustang, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to end the sale of new gas-burning cars in his state in 15 years.

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