Falconry And Hunting With A Modified Nissan Patrol Super Safari VTEC

A Nissan Patrol Super Safari VTEC that was customized for the hunt, will be the star of today’s episode of Special Car with Suhaib Shashaa.

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Watch The Video:

  • Price of parts for modification of the Nissan Patrol Super Safari FTC for hunting and hunting trips:
  • Front and rear bumper is priced at $ 1,634.
  • The price of the air compressor is $ 681.
  • The modified fuel tank price is $ 681.
  • The cost of the convertible roof customization and paint job $ 5,446.
  • The price of water tank is $ 218.
  • King suspension price is $ 3,649.

This car comes with an open roof without windows or a rear glass, which means that it only has a windshield (it can be folded completely to improve visibility). The car also is equipped with a hydraulic rear seat for the person who releases falcons during the hunting process, and without any doubt, there is a stand for the falcons as well. The car rides on new rims surrounded by special tires for off-roading. And it also ahs new front and rear bumpers made of steel, with side steps.

The star of today’s episode did not get any significant mechanical modifications, as it is powered by the same 6-cylinder 4.8-liter engine that is used in the Emiratis favorite, Nissan Patrol Super Safari, which was test-driven by Kareem Deeb.

Our team at Arab GT would like to thank the district auto care garage for providing this modified vehicle for us.

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