Can Tesla Model Y Pass The Off-Road Test?

Today we will present a new video showing the off-road testing of the all-electric 2021 Tesla Model Y.

Before watching the performance of the new American Tesla electric car, we would like to remind you of our ArabGT team’s previous test-drives of the models produced by this American company:

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Watch The Video:

As many ArabGT followers may remember, Tesla Model Y appeared officially in March of 2019 for the first time, and as is the case with the previous models produced by Tesla, it took a long time before the revealed car reached the production lines, although clients could make orders for the car and place advance payments. However, the process of providing cars to customers began last March.

The smallest crossover is available from Tesla so far in two versions; 5 passenger seats (two rows of chairs), or 7 passenger seats (three rows of chairs).

And to be honest, the Model Y car was not made to break into off-road tracks, which means that it is intended for city use, but the version that appeared in the attached video within this article got simple modifications that included a Mountain Pass lift kit that raised the car an additional 10 cm from the ground, and it was also equipped with Toyo A / T III tires and 18-inch rims, and before recording this video, the tire pressure was reduced (air conditioning).

Can Tesla Model Y Pass The Off-Road Test (2)

The new Tesla is currently available for sale in only two versions, the high-performance version and the long-range version with all-wheel-drive AWD, while deliveries to owners began in mid-March.

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The 2021 Tesla Model Y is currently available for sale in only two versions, the Performance version, and the long-range version.

The price of the Long Range version of the Model Y car starts at 50 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of 187,500 Saudi riyals, while the price of the Tesla Model Y Performance starts from 60 thousand US dollars or 225 thousand Saudi riyals.


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