BMW M3 E30 Was The Beginning of The Legend

Today, dear ArabGT followers, we present a new episode of Special Car program, with Suhaib Shashaa,  and the star of today’s episode is  BMW M3 E30, the first M3 in the world, which makes it a legendary car that all M Power enthusiasts wish to own and it is famous in some Arab countries with the title of “Tiger’s  Nose”.

Although many years have passed since the production of the first generation of BMW M3 cars, which was produced from 1986 to 1991, the price of this Bavarian car is still high due to the huge demand on the car. The car that Suhaib is test-driving in today’s episode is a 1988 M3 E30.

Watch the video of today’s episode that undoubtedly satisfies the fans of M Power cars from the Bavarian manufacturer BMW:

In today’s episode, Suhaib talks to us about the M Power department at BMW, and reminds us that the first M Power car was the 1978 BMW M1, which Suhaib had previously test-driven for a thousand kilometers in Europe, and it is considered an exclusive sports car of which only 453 copies were made, and the price was very high.

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Suhaib also tells us that the BMW M3 E30 was launched in 1986 in two versions: coupe and convertible, and this model was not a limited production model, as the company has produced about 20,000 copies of it.

Although many variants of  BMW M3 E30 were made, they are all equipped with 4-cylinder engines; a two-liter engine, a 2.3-liter (more widespread), or a 2.5-liter (most exclusive). The power generated by the engine of this car starts from 195 hp and reaches 235 hp (in the higher version equipped with a 2.5-liter engine). This beating heart is connected to a GETRAG  5-speed gearbox.

Of course, these numbers are related to production copies, the regular models for public roads, not the cars modified for motorsports.

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