Test Drive of Chery PHEV Products

Test Drive of Chery PHEV Products (3)
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On April 20, global dealers participated in the test drive activities on multiple core models of the Chery brand. Among them, the TIGGO family’s two PHEV products, TIGGO 8 PRO e+, and TIGGO 7 PRO e+, fully showed global dealers Chery’s leading technical strength in the hybrid field with their brilliant performance of lower energy consumption and stronger power.

Test Drive of Chery PHEV Products (3)

Before the test drive, the staff first introduced the core PHEV technology carried by Chery products from a technical perspective. Specifically, as the world’s first DHT technology with “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 working modes, and 11 speed ratios”, Chery highly integrates the dual motor, motor controller, and transmission into one for the first time. Meanwhile, with a 1.5T hybrid-specific engine and a battery of high energy density, it can achieve outstanding performance with a switch of fuel and electric drive, and a comprehensive range of nearly 1000km

Test Drive of Chery PHEV Products (3)

During the actual test drive process, Chery’s 1.5T hybrid engine was equipped with the TIGGO 8 PRO e+, which can accelerate up to 7.5 seconds per 100 kilometers, directly causing screams from on-site test drive dealers. Even when passing the hump on site, the strong power still brought a strong sense of stability.

Notably, Chery’s PHEV is the only model in the world with a 3-gear DHT. With 3 physical gears and 3 engine operating points with an adjustable speed ratio, it can cooperate with the dual motor to bring higher efficiency.

In addition, in situations such as downhill or braking, energy can be automatically recovered to replenish the power battery. After experiencing more than ten projects in the test drive site, the dealers fully enjoyed the charm of Chery’s PHEV technology.

Apart from the in-depth experience of the new energy power system, global dealers also comprehensively enjoyed driving comfort and intelligence. To be specific, the TIGGO 8 PRO e+ showcased its flagship identity with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, a 12.5-inch central control screen, and an 8-inch AC LCD touchscreen, providing a sense of luxury through the triplex screen. Especially when parking and passing through narrow curves, the 360° panoramic image could help users easily cope with emergencies. In addition, equipped with more than ten ADAS functions, TIGGO 8 PRO e+ can greatly improve travel safety. Besides, its luxury quality is comprehensively enhanced under the rendering mode of SONY brand 8-speaker surround sound, multi-color atmosphere lights, and a super large panoramic skylight.

TIGGO 8 PRO e+ can also bring a pure electric range of 75km. As a result, it boasts a fast power response and an extremely quiet environment at medium and low speeds, providing a driving experience of a pure electric vehicle. Moreover, if stronger power is needed for acceleration or climbing, the engine will intelligently intervene and bring various forms of power combinations such as series and parallel, always maintaining the optimal power output state.

The TIGGO 7 PRO e+, Chery’s first PHEV product with a new energy exterior design, is a light luxury SUV that combines technological configuration and a fashionable appearance. The car has also won recognition from global dealers in terms of fashion design, technological configuration, safety, and comfort. Especially the family-designed diamond front grille echoes the matrix LED intelligent headlights, giving people a sense of fashion first. The dua-color body, coupled with a floating roof design, low-drag wheels, and sporty styling such as electric blue gradient tail wings, is even more pleasing to young people. The 24.6-inch dual screen, coupled with a fully equipped inductive electric tailgate and wireless charging for mobile phones, has also become an eye-catching tool for the TIGGO 7 PRO e+ with its rich technological configuration.

The two PHEV products of the TIGGO family have won widespread praise from global dealers, which is a reflection of Chery’s hardcore new energy technology. As the earliest auto company to engage in new energy technology R&D, Chery will closely follow the trend of the times and comprehensively accelerate the global market of new energy products. Looking forward, after the two PHEV products of TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and TIGGO 7 PRO e+, Chery will also launch more new energy products in the form of BEV and other forms of power, comprehensively assisting all humans in forming low-carbon and green travel habits.