Tesla Cybertruck Owner Complains of Coolant Leak Just 35 Miles After Delivery

Tesla Cybertruck Owner Complains of Coolant Leak Just 35 Miles After Delivery (2)
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Just 35 miles after being delivered, a Tesla Cybertruck reportedly started leaking coolant. The Cybertruck owner discovered coolant spewing out beneath the truck while it was charging. Initially, Tesla refused to fix the vehicle under warranty but quickly reversed its decision and repaired it.

A Disappointing Start for a New Owner

Purchasing a brand-new vehicle, especially one as high-profile and expensive as the Cybertruck, should be a joyful occasion. However, it turned into a significant disappointment for one Cybertruck owner when his electric pickup began leaking coolant just 35 miles after leaving the dealership.

Cybertruck owner Jason Jones shared his experience on social media and the Cybertruck Owner’s Club. After picking up the vehicle at Tesla Pensacola, Jones drove to a Supercharger station 35 miles away in Crestview. While the truck was charging, coolant started pouring out of the rear. When Jones contacted Tesla’s service team, he was shocked to learn that coolant leaks were not covered under warranty.

An Alarming Response

For a new vehicle owner, such a response is understandably alarming. The Cybertruck comes with a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty. Warranties generally exclude repairs due to driver error or misuse, but a coolant leak in a brand-new vehicle with just 35 miles should not fall under these exclusions. The Cybertruck, designed to be tough and rugged, should not experience such an issue on a short drive between the dealership and a charging station.

Tesla’s Quick Reversal

Social media quickly brought a resolution. Initially, Tesla arranged for a tow truck to collect the Cybertruck but refused to cover the repair under warranty. However, just a few hours after the initial tweet, the Cybertruck owner updated that Tesla had fixed the truck. “Tesla went above and beyond to fix my truck today and get it back to me this afternoon. Very happy. The Tesla Pensacola service center stepped up and did an awesome job. They even detailed the truck before I picked it up. It was all covered by the warranty. I’m very pleased,” Jones wrote.

Tesla Cybertruck Owner Complains of Coolant Leak Just 35 Miles After Delivery (1)

Customer Service Concerns

While the initial experience was disappointing, it was heartening to see Tesla ultimately address the issue as it should. It’s unfortunate that the Cybertruck owner had to resort to social media to get a resolution, suggesting a lapse in initial customer service. Jones noted that the service center was looking into who had initially responded to his call and addressing the issue.

Ongoing Quality Control Issues

This incident isn’t isolated. Tesla has faced quality control issues before. In 2022, CarBuzz reported on a Model Y owner who received a car with several problems, including a dirty interior, poorly assembled parts, and scratches on the dashboard. Despite being an established company, Tesla continues to struggle with quality control, which should have been resolved by now.

In addition to the coolant leak, other issues have plagued the Cybertruck, such as problems with the Car Wash Mode, which reportedly disables vehicles after a car wash, and a recall due to a faulty throttle pedal that could cause unintended acceleration and braking issues.