Latest Details on the Upcoming All- New CX 5

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After much anticipation, Mazda has finally confirmed the introduction of an entirely new CX 5 , subtly revealed in a document outlining the company’s financial outcomes for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024.

Before diving into the specifics of the new CX 5, it’s important to note that Mazda has recently unveiled several new models in partnership with Changan, a major Chinese automotive manufacturer. These launches underscore the strengthening collaboration between the Japanese and Chinese automotive sectors.

Focusing on a fan favorite, the new CX 5 continues to be Mazda’s top-selling model in North America, with 153,808 units sold last year. This achievement is particularly significant given the somewhat dated nature of the current second generation of this compact crossover. First introduced in 2016 as a 2017 model, it has been confirmed that a fresh, third generation of the new CX 5 is on the horizon.

Latest Details on the Upcoming All- New Mazda CX 5

Here’s a brief overview of the Mazda CX 5 model generations:

  • The first generation ran from 2012 to 2017.
  • The second generation, still in production, debuted in November 2016 as a 2017 model. It has received several updates and continues to be available.

Mazda also announced that the upcoming third generation of the new CX 5 will feature an in-house developed hybrid powertrain. However, the company has not specified whether it will be a standard hybrid or a plug-in hybrid PHEV.

Interestingly, in some of its models, Mazda has previously relied on Toyota’s hybrid technology. For example, the CX 50 in China uses electrical components from the Toyota RAV4. According to the same document, the CX 50 Hybrid is scheduled to launch in other markets in the second half of 2024.

There had been speculation about whether the CX 5 would be discontinued with the introduction of the CX 50 in 2022. However, it appears that both models will coexist, which makes sense considering that the new CX 5 outsold the CX 50 by a substantial margin last year in North America.

Latest Details on the Upcoming All New Mazda CX 5 1

Mazda’s SUV lineup is expanding, with the addition of the CX 70 and CX 90, both built on a new rear-wheel-drive platform with larger V6 engines.

Looking ahead, Mazda is committed to launching its first electric vehicle on a dedicated platform in 2027, with plans for more extensive EV launches from 2028 to 2030.

We will continue to provide updates on any new official information regarding the forthcoming all-new Mazda CX 5.

Please see the attached images of the Mazda Arata concept for a preview of what might influence Mazda’s future design direction.