AMG GT Black Series In America Is Much Cheaper Than In Germany

Today we got official information about the price of the new 2021 AMG GT Black Series in the American market, and we were surprised by huge the difference in the price of the newest Black Series car between America and Germany, the home of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Before talking about the price difference between the two markets, we would like to remind you that last November, Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series won the title of the fastest car on the Green Hell track, the famous German Nürburgring Circuit, after having covered a distance of 20.6 km during a record time of 6:43:61 minutes, breaking the previous record set by Lamborghini Aventador SVJ , which managed to cross the same course in 6:44:97 minutes in 2018.

Away from the world of breaking speed records, the price of the new AMG GT Black Series in America will start from $ 325,000, equivalent to 1,218,750 Saudi riyals, excluding shipping fees of $ 1,050, equivalent to 3,937 SR.

On the other hand, when the most powerful Mercedes AMG GT was unveiled last July, it was announced that its price would start in its motherland Germany from $ 390,759, equivalent to 1,465,346 Saudi riyals, 16% taxes included.

With this new information related to the price, the price of the newest Black Series cars in the American market is $ 65,759 cheaper (246,596 Saudi riyals) compared to Germany.

After we compared with you, dear ArabGT followers, the prices of the new AMG GT Black Series between the American market and the German market, we would like to remind you of the mechanical specifications of the most powerful AMG GT cars.

The newest Black Series car from Mercedes-Benz is powered by an 8-cylinder V-shaped 4-liter engine with a twin turbo that delivers up to 720 hp (730 hp PS) and 800 Nm of torque, and is connected to a 7-speed DCT transmission. The sports car accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds, and its top speed is 325 km / h (202 mph).

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