Ahmed Daham Will Drive The World’s Most Advanced Drift Car

Today witnessed the official launch of a new car to be driven by the famous Arab drift star, Ahmed Daham, and it received a tremendous amount of development to become the most powerful and sophisticated drift car in the world from Lexus.

The car depends on the successful efforts put in the design of the previous drift model Lexus RCF Drift, in addition, it also showcases the high-level performance to the global drift community.

It is reported that the latest Red Bull drift car that was built according to specs approved by the International Automobile Federation is based on the  RC-F model and has a 1200 hp engine. The car weight is  1250 kg, thanks to the use of the bespoke Carbon Kevlar body shell.

The car was not built just for power and speed, and Lexus’s RCF Carbon Kevlar car, which Daham hopes to use in championships around the world, was built with a great deal of attention to details in the chassis, powertrain, and presentation that elevates the craft of its execution to mirror Lexus levels of car-building.

The result is a unique, world-class drift car with exceptional performance, even in a region famous for high-level builds.

Daham chose the Lexus RC F as the platform for his latest project after building his first RC F drift car which thrilled the crowds on its debut at The Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2019.

This car has many refinements over the first RC F drift car, not least because Ahmed Daham had more time to build it. The first car was conceived and built in a record 70 days and stands as a testament to the builder’s capability and resourcefulness.

Two themes are central to the latest RC F Carbon Kevlar drift car — more power and less weight. The weight loss over the standard RCF was achieved by thoroughly rethinking the stripped platform and then fabricating this race vehicle using materials focused on weight reduction.

In addition, mass was also more optimally positioned in the chassis to support car’s drift mission, and Python Garage fabricated super-light Carbon-Kevlar body panels helping the whole car shave more than 500kg off the showroom RC F as part of the mission to achieve a weight that is competitive with other drifters.

The power part of the equation has been provided by inserting a heavily tuned version of the 2JZ straight-six single turbo motor in place of the standard car’s naturally aspirated V8 that provides 1,200HP — four times the standard output.


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