A4 Paper Is Transformed To An Infiniti car Using The Japanese Heritage In A Modern Way

Make An Infiniti Car while Staying At home

The Japanese company Infiniti launched the idea of ​​Carigami, which transforms A4 paper into your favorite car from the luxury brand owned by Nissan.

This idea comes from the campaign “Park It For Now” launched by the Japanese automaker from Yokohama city to transform the Japanese heritage into something that amuses people while they’re staying at home as parts of the efforts to preb=vent  the spread of Coronavirus that causes Covid 19. This campaign would encourage Infiniti customers, fans, and families to discover their hidden talents.

By combining the DNA of infinite, which is characterized by elegant design, with the handicrafts inspired by Japan’s heritage, the goal of ​​Carigami idea is to create heritage-like designs that can be downloaded and produced at home.

Watch The Video:

A series of three different models can be produced on a1:27 Scale, namely Infiniti Q50, Infiniti QX80, and the iconic Infiniti FX crossover.

As we mentioned at the beginning, dear Arab GT followers, this project is part of the brand’s efforts to encourage people to stay at home to contain the spread of Coronavirus, by providing a free creative outlet for clients and fans as well, you can access it by clicking here.

We would like to remind you with Arab GT team test drives of Infiniti cars:

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Dear Arab GT followers, tell us what you think of the idea to convert part of the Japanese heritage into a modern trend by turning A4 papers into Infiniti vehicles as a way of amusement while staying at home to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic. May God protect us all!


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