A Tug Of War Between Mercedes R-Class And A Mini-CyberTruck

Can The Mini-CyberTruck Win?

Today we will show you a new video posted on YouTube with a shocking and unexpected end of a tug-of-war challenge between a small pickup for children with a design inspired by the electric pickup 2022 Tesla Cybertruck driven by a child, and the German-made van Mercedes R-Class.

Watch the “Tug of War” challenge video that linked the Mini-CyberTruck from the back with a rope to Mercedes R Class Van, as the child drove his vehicle against the German-made van. The shocking end was that the fake version of Tesla Cybertruck has won!

Here is the video! You must see it to believe it!

Insideevs insists that the result of this video is real and not faked in any way. They also say that the small pickup driven by a child is equipped with an electric motor, and this small vehicle, which has an exterior design that is derived from the Tesla Cybertruck, is based on a go-kart vehicle chassis.

The website goes to say that the beginning of this project took place on December 11th, when a picture was published by the GTA Sheet Metal page on Facebook, and followed by more pictures on December 16 and 19.

This means that we are talking in this article about a small electric pickup powered by an electric battery. The site did not reveal the amount of power and torque in this tiny pickup driven by the child but said it was produced by “Mr. Sachsenhause, and We don’t know whether he’s going to make more of this mini Cybertruck!

After we showed you, dear Arab GT followers, a video revealing how the Mini-Cybertruck triumphed over the big German vehicle, we would like to remind you of previously published articles about the new 2022 Tesla electric pickup:

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