A Professionally Modified Mustang With 825 Horsepower

The star of today’s episode of Special Car program is a modified Mustang with a power of 825 hp, and Suhaib Shashaa will introduce to you what distinguishes it from other Ford Mustangs.

During the beginning of today’s episode, Suhaib talked about the best version of Mustang for modification, and he explained that modifying the 4-cylinder engine is costly, and he said that it is preferable to choose a Mustang GT equipped with an 8-cylinder engine,. But he also noted that you can always by a Shelby if you have enough money.

Take a closer look at the 825-hp Mustang:

The exterior of this car is slightly modified to hide a powerful monster underneath it, this Mustang is equipped with Performance Package that has added sporty ouches including a front spoiler under the bumper and a rear spoiler. The package also has modified 20 inch rims with a width of 9 inches in the front and 10.5 inches, and the car got Brembo brake swith 6 pistons, and Toyo Simi Slick tires, which provide high grip.

The Ford Mustang we are testing today got a lot of power after it was fitted with a 2.9-liter Whipple Supercharger

Parts prices:

  • The exhaust system is priced at $ 3,581.
  • The price of the Supercharger is 8,795 USD.
  • The steering wheel is priced at $ 440.
  • Rear spoiler price is $ 590.
  • The price of the clutch kit is $ 1,491.
  • The price of the oil catch can is $ 364.
  • The price of the rims is $ 1,600.
  • The price of disc brakes is $ 558.

Our Arab GT team would like to thank Akram Al Attar who owns the modified Ford Mustang for letting us test drive his car and show it in today’s episode.

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