A New Defender Modified Like Fancy Yachts In Its First Photos

After we test-drove the newest and most important Land Rover car in South Africa with Suhaib Shashaa, today we will show you the first pictures of a new Defender that was modified to look like a luxury yacht!

You may have known that these new modifications were made by the Polish company Carlex Design, which presented last April of this year 2020 the result of converting the 2020 Mercedes G 63 AMG into a street-going yacht with the name G-Yachting Limited Edition.

Before talking about these modifications, we would like to remind you of the latest article we presented about the future of Land Rover Defender:

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Pictures of the modified Defender:

Immediately after the publication of these photos, Carlex Design announced that this Land Rover Defender satisfies customers who want the greatest possible amount of luxury and sophistication derived from yachts, and it also satisfies fans of sunny cruises when their lives require moving away from it  to public roads.

As we can see, this modification project is still under design and has not been implemented on one of the all-new 2021 Defender  cars.

The exterior modifications included silver accents and new parts that included new hood, bumper, spare wheel cover and roof, but we are talking about one of Carlex Design’s projects that specializes in converting internal compartments specifically.

There are two modifications available to the Yachting version of the 2021 Defender: Cream-colored trim with wooden accents, or a caramel-colored upholstery with light accents. Both options include polished silver accents, sport seats, and wooden decorations spread across the interior, as we see in the door panels, the console, the tableau, the floor mats, and the rear storage space.

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