A Dodge Charger SRT Is Turned Into A Mobile DJ

Even during  Eid Al-Adha holiday, you are on a date with a distinctive modified car that will be introduced to you by Suhaib Shashaah in today’s episode of the Special Car program. The star of today will be the American muscle car Dodge Charger, which was turned into a mobile DJ!

The owner for today’s episode star is a huge fan of ArabGT, and he shows this by using ArabGT logo in the decoration of the interior of his modified car. Our team feels very proud to have such a loyal fan, as we depend on our fans in order to achieve our slogan “Towards an Arab Name Among Nations, with ArabGT”, God willing.’

In the beginning of this episode, Suhaib turned into a professor or presenter in the National Geographic Channel, to introduce you to the fictional character The Predator, which appeared in many films. The connection between this story and the modified Dodge Charger that we introduce today is its body which is decorated with drawings from the Mayan civilization, and that car is also nicknamed The Predator.

Watch the video:

This modified car is based on the 2018 Dodge Charger SRT model, and the modifications included adjusting its looks, along with providing it with a special and very distinctive sound system that is considered one of the most powerful audio systems available on modified cars in the world. This 15 thousand watt sound system works on the car battery to turn the car into a mobile DJ

The beating heart of this car, an 8 cylinder engine, got a modified air filter and a modified exhaust.

This modified Charger interior got a steering wheel derived from the world of Formula One, and we can notice the heavy use of carbon fiber in the cabin, and the car was equipped with an air suspension system that enables the driver to lift and lower the car even while it is moving.

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