A Classic VW Beetle Competes In Volkswagen Stars Challenge

VW Beetle is an All-Time Classic

Without any doubt, the Volkswagen Stars challenge will not be complete without the participation of an old Beetle, so Muhammad Abu Hamdiyeh from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan competed for the title with this classic car.

The star of today’s episode is a 1974 Beetle equipped with a 1,600 cc engine. This German car previously lived in Syria before it moved to its new owner Mohamed to live in the Jordanian capital Amman. Abu Hamdiya told us that his father used to have the German VW Beetle.

Dear Arabs GT followers meet the only Beetle competing in the Volkswagen Challenge:
(English Subtitled)

Muhammad Abu Hamdiyah told us that after he owned the 1974 Volkswagen Beetle he bought a Golf MK4 before he abandoned it to buy a 2013 VW Polo sedan.

Muhammad also told us about a great project he had made that involved half a beetle turned it into an additional trailer to be installed on his car from behind. The video shows how to add this trailer to a Volkswagen Beetle from the back.

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