You Can Win A New 2020 Car With Our New Volkswagen Stars Competition

We always present to you new and unique challenges that, and today we announce the launch of our new competition “ Volkswagen Stars “. The prize awaiting you is a brand new 2020 VW car from the dealership.

As we are approaching a total number of 2 million subscribers to our channel on YouTube thanks to your continued support, we decided to give you a gift that will satisfy the fans of the automotive world and anyone who dreams of owning a new car. The prize is a new Volkswagen Passat 2020 from the dealership.

Our new Volkswagen Stars program is aimed at the owners of German VW cars of any kind or date to participate in a new competition, but there is no requirement for the person who will win the new Passat to be an owner of these German cars.

Watch the video :

The first phase of our new competition is aimed at German VW owners wishing to compete, and they must register their data to participate. Then 13 of them will qualify for the second stage. Qualified cars will be selected based on their owners’ stories with their VW.


The second phase includes video filming of the qualified cars, and the episodes will be shown on Arab GT channel on YouTube, Contestants will tell us their story with Volkswagen cars (whatever its type and model as we mentioned earlier).

Click here to participate in the #vwstars with your personal car.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the video, we are not forgetting you our dear ArabGT followers, as there is a gift waiting for one lucky follower.

2020 Volkswagen Passat


After you participate in the voting for the 13 finalists in the Volkswagen Star Challenge, to help determine who deserve to be the star of the competition, you will enter the draw on a new car.

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The star of the Volkswagen Stars who got most votes will win the title, and he will get a different prize; a trip with a companion of his choice to Wolfsburg, Germany, to visit the Volkswagen factory and meet with key representatives of Volkswagen with the Arab GT team.



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