You Can Own Aston Martin DB9 For $2500 – But There’s a Catch!

You can now own the supercar Aston Martin DB9 for 2,500 USD only, which equals 9,375 SAR! But one condition is waiting for you.

Certainly dear ArabGT followers, we are not talking about Aston Martin DB 9 which was made during the period from 2004 to 2016, and was sold at the time for about to $ 185 thousand US dollars. equivalent to 693,750 SAR, but rather about a modification kit that can turn an old Toyota Celica into a fake Aston Martin.

To be clearer, Dave Jones Kitcars made 5 modification kits that make your old Toyota Celica transform into a fake Aston Martin DB9, and they offered one for sale on eBay, while another was sold in Britain for 1,995.95 pounds, equivalent to $ 2,500 As we mentioned above.

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As you might have guessed dear ArabGT followers,  the only condition in order to get use of this kit is to have a Toyota Celica, taken into account that the price of the old Japanese sports car ranges between 1,200 to 12 thousand USD (from 4,500 to 45,000 Saudi riyals) in Britain.

According to the information available to our Arab GT team, this kit includes 14 major parts that include a bonnet, a front grille, front bumper, door handles, windows, rear diffuser and other parts that convert the old Toyota into a fake Aston. Martin DB9.

In the end, we would like to note that Dave Jones Kitcars guys say the modification kit can be used on any Toyota Celica T200 which was manufactured between 1993 and 1999,  and the modification company also claims that it would be great for motorheads who enjoy building replicas.

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