Will The New Mitsubishi Pajero Use the 2020 Patrol Chassis?

In your opinion, dear Arab GT followers, will the upcoming Mitsubishi Pajero share the chassis of the new Nissan Patrol 2020 that appeared last September?

Before talking about this exciting subject, we would like to remind you that our colleague Suhaib Shashaa has already test-driven 2020 Nissan Patrol, and he explained the difference between the new model compared to the 2019 Patrol in one of the episodes of a Special Coverage program.

And now we return to our topic, as you know, the Japanese company Mitsubishi which for years had faced financial difficulties that limited its progress in the world of auto industry, joined Renault Nissan Alliance after the Japanese company Nissan acquired 34% of the shares of Mitsubishi brand in 2016, in deal that cost about $ 2.18 billion.

This indicates the importance of alliances between car manufacturers, which provide access for auto parts, and reduces research and development costs.

According to what was published on CarsGuide, it appears that the new Mitsubishi Pajero will take advantage of the alliance of companies to borrow a (chassis) from the new 2020 Nissan Patrol.

But all of this is not confirmed yet, and is based on unofficial press reports that our Arab GT team hopes to be true. As you know, Patrol cars from Nissan have a huge fan base in the Arab Gulf markets in particular. On the other hand, Pajero, which needs a radical development process, is considered one of the most successful Mitsubishi cars in the same area. Still this decision requires the approval of the alliance.

When asked about this, Mitsubishi Australian COO, John Signoriello answered: “It’s always got to be based on a business case. Can we come up with a business case in the end to justify it. You never know what the alliance could bring.

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