When You Combine Bugatti Chiron and Toyota Camry in One Car

Modified Bugatti cars are not something you see every day, but when we talk about imaginary photos, it’s something else!

Are you curious to see how a car would look if combines the practical Japanese sedan Toyota Camry with the rare supercar Bugatti Chiron?

Without a doubt, we are talking about an imaginary digital image obtained by our team at Arab GT, but before we talk about it we would like to remind you of our previous test-drives of:

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Grande

Bugatti Chiron

Now let’s go back to talk about the imaginary car that combines the identity of the French supercar Bugatti Chiron with the Japanese car Toyota Camry,

As you can see, the car seems to be based on Chiron structure with a front grille and a front bumper derived from Camry with Toyota emblem in the middle of front end and Toyota lights! All this fiction was posted on 1320video page on Instagram.


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The math adds up, but what do you think of the result? 🤔 Via: @autotexnika #1320video #bugatti #toyota #camry #chiron

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Truth to be said, we have seen before fancy digital photos of cars that brought Camry and Bugatti Chiron together as well, but the new image looks way better.

2019 Camry Modified

As you might know our dear followers, Bugatti will make only 500 copies of Chiron, and the price of each car is more than 11,250,000 Saudi riyals, which means it is a dream that only the wealthy can achieve!

Mechanically, the Chiron is based on a W-shaped 16-cylinder 8-liter engine with four turbochargers generating 1,479 hp (1,500 PS) and 1600 Nm.

Apart from our talk about the publication of this image of the modified Bugatti car that combines Toyota Camry and Bugatti Chiron together, we would like to remind you about the rumor we mentioned a couple of days ago about an Arab prince who has bought the most expensive car in the world Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

Click on the link to see who it was!

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