What Should You Do When Your Car Brakes Fail ?

Today, we will present a new episode of Vlog program, accompanied by our colleague, Suhaib Shashaa, who will explain some safety measures you have to take in case your car brakes fail while driving, God forbid.

Today’s video, dear Arab GT follower teaches you the right way to stop your car without brakes, if you were exposed to this dangerous situation while driving on the streets, May God protect you and us from this hazardous situation.

Vlog episode today includes a practical exercise of the steps that reduce the problem of non-working brakes in cars, and we will be driving the following cars:  Ferrari Portofino – which is  the cheapest Ferrari ever-  Volkswagen Tiguan, Infiniti QX80, and a Ford Mustang owned by Amr Al Qudah, “Arab GT cameraman.”

Watch How to Drive Safely When You Lose Brakes:

The first step that everyone knows is that you must always use seatbelts when driving, and you must sit in a comfortable position that enables you to press the brakes pedal easily.  In addition to this, knowing the location of the hazard lights button is necessary.

Using sport-driving mode also helps improve the gearbox’s response to the driver input in this frightening situation. In this mode, the driver can downshift gears gradually to the first gear, which causes the car to reduce its speed automatically. Then steering the wheels right and left sequentially would generate more ground resistance and help you stop the car.

If your brakes fail on a crowded public street, use the hazard lights to warn those around you that you have a problem, and then start downshifting.

If a crash is inevitable warn those with you in the car so that they can hold to something, and if you had to, choose a car of the same size as your car, Avoid hitting bigger trucks or vehicles,  and do not hit the car from the sides, this can deviate the car and cause other collisions.

In the end, we wish all drivers safe commuting and traveling.

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