What Do You Think About The Price of Mansory Lamborghini Urus

In your opinion, do you find the price of the recently revealed Mansory Lamborghini Urus acceptable? This is what we will be discussing today in this article after our team got official information about the price of this modified Italian super-SUV.

A while ago we introduced the modified Mansory Venatus which is based on the super performance SUV the 2020 Lamborghini Urus, and as we mentioned previously it was supposed to be launched at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but as you know the auto show was canceled after the outbreak of coronavirus, may God protect us all, thus the modified Urus was revealed online

Pictures of the modified 2020 Lamborghini Urus:

Today, our team learned that the price of the new Mansory Lamborghini Urus is half a million US dollars, which is equivalent to 1,875,000 Saudi riyals!

As you might have guessed, this is a very expensive price, especially that the price of the new stock Urus without any modification – which we have already hosted in a Test Drive episode – starts from 233,600 USD, equivalent to 876 thousand Saudi riyals, which means that Mansory modifications made the price of the Italian car double.

Watch ArabGT Test Drive Of Lamborghini Urus Here

Moreover, the new information also indicates that this modified SUV that got a carbon fiber body painted in blue, as we see in the official photos, is available with other options of colors based on customers’ requests.

Mansory Venatus got a twin-turbo V8 with a new engine management system and a high-performance catalytic converter. With these tweaks Mansory managed to increase the power from 641 horsepower to 838 hp and from 850 Newton-meters) to 1,000 Nm

What do you think our dear ArabGt followers about the price of Mansory’s modified Lamborghini Urus?

Please share your thoughts with us!


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