We Assure You That This Is A Modified Japanese Car And Not Lamborghini Urus

Today we will introduce a fake Lamborghini Urus that hides a modified Japanese car beneath it, and before we reveal to you the truth about the original car, we would like to know your expectations?

The 2020 Lamborghini Urus, is the second SUV produced by the Italian company Lamborghini in its history, and it participated in an episode of “Which Is Faster” program, presented by our colleagues Suhaib Shashaa and Kareem Deeb , that also hosted the English SUV; t Range Rover Sport SVR 2020.

However, today we will talk about a new project that aims to mimic the shape of one of the most successful Lamborghini cars, by modifying a Honda Crosstour

The replica that we will introduce in this article got the name Honda Crossurus, as it is based on a Honda Crosstour and carries the identity of Lamborghini Urus.

Another picture of the modified Japanese car :

We Assure You That This Is A Modified Japanese Car And Not Lamborghini Urus (1)

This white car got a body kit that shows a stolen identity from the design of the Urus car as we see in the grille, the sharp lines, the bumper and headlights. However, we believe it does not take a lot of time for anyone to recognize that this “piece of work” is not the real thing, not a Lamborghini Urus.

Especially that the design from the sides was a bit disastrous, with weird wheel arches within a modification that is not appropriate and clumsy, and there are shiny silver chrome wheels underneath that give the identity of a cheap car!

From the rear, the Honda Crosstour identity was the same, as the fake car only got a large rear spoiler.

It should be noted that the Honda Crosstour, which represents a mid-size hatchback category, began production in 2009 as a model for 2010 and continued to be manufactured until 2015, and it also bears the name Honda Accord Crosstour.

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