Watch Karim Deeb’s Personal Car Modification Process

Car Modification Illustrated Step by Step

The followers of our account on Instagram have been waiting for a while to see today’s episode of Vlog program, for it shows the process of modifying Karim Deeb’s personal car; a 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe.

At first, we want to remind you of another thrilling episode of Volg program, it showed how Suhaib Shasha modified his personal car; Mercedes C63 AMG W204, then we will introduce another video showing how the same car got Vorsteiner rims that were presented to Suhaib by the Instagram account Saudi Kit & Kit, and after that Suhaib changed his car’s color using a removable paint.

The beginning was with shopping for spare parts from JHP Auto Spare Parts, and we got the parts we asked for after few days of making the orders. Suhaib was there with his modified Mercedes C63 to support Kareem and help him carry the car parts he needed.

Watch Karim Deeb Modify His Personal Car:

After we got the parts we went to Magic Star Auto Repairing garage, where the real action started. They installed a fully modified exhaust system with Xforce headers, and we see in the video how they removed the old exhaust system before installing the new parts.

The modification job was not finished in the first day, it took another day to fully modify Kareem’s car.


After several days, and while Karim Deeb was in Japan to Tokyo Motor Show, Suhaib decided to surprise Karim and he took the 2012  Mercedes C63 Coupe to Subzero Garage for some magical tuning.

After this, we’ve put Kareem’s car on a dyno to measure the amount of horsepower its engine delivers, and the car managed to make 458 whp and 538 bhp.

At the End of today’s video Suhaib Poses the following challenge; if the video made a million views we will present a race between the 2 cars; Suhaib’s C63 sedan and Karim’s Coupe on the Dubai Autodrome,

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