VW Passat R36 Participates In Volkswagen Stars Challenge

VW Passat R36 is the star of today’s episode of Volkswagen Stars challenge on ArabGT. It is owned by a new contender for the title, Ahmed Raja’e, who is a 43-year-old Egyptian, living in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Raja’e who has been in the UAE for 15 years, bought his German car from the agency 10 years ago, and now he chose this car to compete with for the title of VW superstar. He had an interesting story that he told in the episode.

Watch The Video (English Suntitled)
and meet the first Volkswagen Passat to participate in this competition:

Ahmed’s passion for German VW cars started from childhood when he used to buy car magazines and put pictures of cars on the walls of his room. He was fond of MK1 VW Golf in particular, but now he is competing for the Volkswagen superstar with Passat R36.

When he got his first job in 2002 after graduating from college Ahmed bought a Rabbit Cabriolet MK1 equipped with a 1.8-liter BB engine, and when he arrived in the UAE in 2006 he fulfilled his dream of owning a GTI.

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But as a married man with children, he needed a car equipped with a V6 engine to suit his daily commutes, so he looked for a family car that is also sporty t, and chose Volkswagen Passat R36 equipped with a VR6 engine, and later he made some minor modifications; MRC Stage 1 gearbox, and a Racing Filter.

Ahmed is an active member of VW Group Abu Dhabi, and is known for his nickname “Rigo”. He also participates in Volkswagen DUB Drive in GCC.

You can vote for today’s contender by clicking here: Vote For Ahmed Rajae, and as a voter, you will get the chance to win a brand-new 2020 Passat from the agency.


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