VW Bus Transformed to Grendizer To Compete In Volkswagen Stars Challenge

Do You Remember Grendizer Cartoon? Emad Apparently Does!

The Volkswagen Stars Challenge has arrived in Jordan, where Emad Gharaibeh, 30, will compete for the title with a 1978 VW Combi T2 bus.

After Imad teased us about the story of Grendizer, which we will be telling you in this article, he started the old German bus in a distinctive way you can’t possibly imagine. He said this unique way of starting the bus makes it impossible to be stolen.

Meet the first VW bus to compete in the Volkswagen Stars Challenge:
(English Subtitled)

This is not the only VW vehicle that Emad owns, he also owns an old Golf MK1 Rabbit Cabriolet and he previously owned a Golf MK5. His father also has a Passat, and his brother has a new Beetle Convertible, which confirms that the love of German Volkswagen cars runs in the family.

Emad’s love story for Volkswagen busses started from childhood, as this minibus always attracted his attention and made him smile when he saw it, so he decided to buy a one in 2012. But finding this old bus was not an easy task so he kept looking for it until he found one in Irbid governorate, about 80km away from Amman.

Emad assured us that he does not like the star of today’s episode to be called a bus, he calls it Grendizer, and consider it one of his friends, and he goes out with “him” on a daily basis.

Support Emad Gharaibeh and vote for him to win the Volkswagen Superstar title with his friend Grndizer, by clicking here (Emad Gharaibeh)

By voting you enter the draw to win a brand new 2020 VW Passat!

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