Volkswagen Stars Challenge Arrived In Bahrain With A Modified GTI Clubsport

A Stage 3 Modified GTI Clubsport

The Volkswagen Stars Challenge has arrived to the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the 31-year-old Hussain Bin Radhi, who owns an FWD modified Golf GTI Clubsport3 as the new contender of the competition.

Hussein told us at the beginning of the episode that he went to VW Auto Agency to buy a Golf R, but he saw a GTI Clubsport version of the German hatchback Golf and changed his mind to buy the star of today’s episode instead. As a father of two children, Hussein assured us that he considers it as a family car.

This Golf GTI Clubsport is the 40th Anniversary Edition, which was made to celebrate 40 years of the Golf GTI production. The car is distinguished by a different engine and gearbox, and it also looks different from inside and out, as it has different interior touches that included different steering wheel, air conditioning vents, and seatbelts among other features.

Check Hussein Bin Radi’s Modified Golf GTI (English Subtitled):

When Hussein first bought this GTI Clubsport from the dealership, which is essentially a mid-range powered class more powerful than GTI, and less than a Golf R, he was not planning to modify it, but after one year of ownership, he added a modified exhaust and then reduced its height.

This was the start, which paved the way for other modifications to come, and the car became a stage 2, then it stayed this way for 11 months before Hussein decided to upgrade the turbocharger, suspension systems, and other parts.

From the outside, the car

got a modified hood, a new front bumper, a modified rear air diffuser and an extension to the rear spoiler to give a sporty touch, as well as OZ rims surrounded by Slick tires and the brakes were also modified.

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