Very Disappointing Sales For The Cheapest Electric Luxury SUV

Our team at Arab GT today got new information revealing very shocking and disappointing information about Mercedes EQC – which is considered the cheapest electric luxury SUV in its home country Germany.

After postponing the launch of the all-new 2020 Mercedes EQC cars for a whole year in the American market, which is the second-largest car market in the world after the Chinese market, فhis delay was justified at the time by the huge volume of purchase orders for this new advanced car in the European market.

But there appears to be a different, mysterious reason behind that decision made by Mercedes-Benz…

Today, our team at Arab GT has obtained new information published by the German website Die Welt, indicating that in last November of 2019, only 55 copies of the all-new Mercedes EQC 2020 electric vehicle were sold in its home market, Germany!

Here, we have to wonder, why did the giant company Mercedes-Benz postpone the launch of EQC cars in the American market, knowing that they did not do well in the German market, which is considered one of the most important European markets?!

This low volume of the cheapest electric luxury SUV could have been justified if November was the first month to sell this new model, but EQCs have been on sale in the German market since summer!

This figure, which was recorded by the cheapest electric luxury SUV in Europe, is considered very low! For example, the car’s rival Audi E-Tron sold 192 copies in the German market during the same month of last year! Especially that the new Mercedes EQC, is the cheapest electric luxury SUV in the world, with prices starting from 78,150 USD, which is equivalent to 293 thousand Saudi riyals.

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