Toyota Prius Hybrid Transformed into a Fake Ferrari

Without a doubt, this is the first time you’ll see a Toyota Prius hybrid turned into a fake version of the Italian supercar Ferrari!!!

Now that we have introduced you to many of the rarest Ferrari cars at the Riyadh Motor Show, we will be presenting you with pictures of the Ferrari Toyota carrying the Prancing Horse logo of the Italian Supercar brand.

Undoubtedly, what distinguishes this fake car is that it may hold itself the first 5 seater Ferrari car in the world. As we are talking about Toyota Prius hybrid decorated with Ferrari emblem.

Fake Ferrari based on Toyota Prius

Photos of this modified version of the Japanese Prius hybrid car were published on Social Media, and we note that it abandoned Toyota logo in front to get the logo of Ferrari instead

The Italian brand logo has been added to the side of the car too, but the rear has retained the blue Toyota logo, to indicate that this car is powered by a hybrid system that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor.

The modification Job of this Toyota Prius hybrid also included a new set of wheels from Ferrari Portofino, and the front cover got black, green and white stripes, just like the Italian car.

Toyota Prius modified to look like a Fake ferrari

As we mentioned Ferrari Portofino, which came to replace Ferrari California T, we would like to remind you that our editor-in-chief Suhaib Shashaa had already test-driven the Italian Supercar in an episode of Special Coverage program.

It is considered the cheapest and least powerful car from Ferrari, it is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 engine with a twin turbocharger generating 590 horsepower (600 PS European PS) and 760. The starting price of Ferrari Portofino in Saudi Arabia is 217,600 USD, the equivalent of 816 thousand Saudi riyals.

So far, Ferrari has offered only two hybrids; The legendary Ferrari LaFerrari coupé and convertible, which came to replace Ferrari Enzo, and the new legend Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which came to replace LaFerrari.

Of course, we didn’t count this Ferrari Prius to the list!




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