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Now that winter has come with its rain and snowstorms, our colleague Suhaib Shashaa decided to use today’s episode of Vlog program to provide some tips for Driving Safely In Heavy Rain and when the roads are flooded with water.

We present our adventure today onboard the largest Infiniti SUV, Infiniti QX80 that has been subjected to a number of test-drives by ArabGT team.

Watch the Today’s episode of Vlog to protect yourself and others when driving in heavy rain conditions:

Suhaib noted at the beginning that the car model and the year of its manufacture had nothing to do with protecting it from facing problems on the roads flooded with rainwater, and he said that new cars are not better than old ones and that the most important element is the driver because it is the driver who can protect the car in these winter climates.

Important tips for Driving Safely In Heavy Rain:

  • Don’t drive unless it’s necessary
  • Make sure your car’s equipment is in working order (Tires, brakes,etc..)
  • Use Google Maps to set the less crowded route
  • It’s preferable to use an SUV or a crossover to drive in the rain if you have any.
  • Turn your lights on and reduce your speed
  • Don’t fash hazard lights without a reason
  • Try to avoid driving through standing water, if you have to, drive slowly and cautiously!
  • if the water is deeper than the your tailpipe, keep the engine running to prevent water from entering the tailpipe.
  • Try to avoid driving in tunnels, and over manholes

Don’t forget your driving ethics while moving your vehicle in these rainy conditions or when the streets are flooded.  You must always pay extra attention so that you don’t splash pedestrians or other cars.

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