This Is Why 10 New Volvo Cars Were Dropped From A Height Of 30 Meters

Today we will reveal to you the reason why 10 new Volvo cars were dropped from a height of 30 meters, as explained in a video posted on YouTube.

After we saw in a previous article, the unexpected reason behind destroying a brand-new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, today we will show you why a group of new cars made by the Swedish company Volvo were destroyed.

Since we are talking about cars from Volvo, many of you may have realized that this video documents a part of the safety tests that the Swedish automaker is famous for.

Watch The Video:

This test simulates high-speed accidents that can’t be replicated in conventional crash-test laboratories, may God protect us all, and by doing so, it helps emergency services better understand how to safely remove injured passengers from wrecked vehicles.

Volvo decided to donate ten of its new cars to be raised in the air with a crane and dropped to crash on the ground before a group of rescue workers tried to practice extrication on them to measure the effectiveness and speed of opening broken stuck doors while passengers are stuck inside the cars.

This training also helps rescuers improve their skills to reach the injured and remove them from wrecked cars as quickly as possible.

Volvo sacrificed a group of new cars during these experiments, which provide a real-world training opportunity for rescuers using new car bodies instead of the old cars usually used in such training which are much easier to deal with than brand new cars.

This video documents a part of a study carried out by Volvo in cooperation with the rescue teams, and the resulting report will be provided free of charge to rescue workers in Sweden and the rest of the world since Volvo had been working closely together with the Swedish rescue services for many years.

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