This Is What Happens When You Combine Ford Mustang and Explorer

Believe it or not, we will show you today, dear followers of ArabGT, a set of pictures that were published online showing the result of combining both Ford Mustang and Ford Explorer in one car!

But before that, we would like to remind you of the launch of  Ford Mach E,  the fully electric crossover we talked about in a previous detailed article when it was officially unveiled in November of last year 2019. However, today we will talk about a strange car that looks like an SUV version of the sports car  Mustang

Here is a set of images of this uniquely modified Ford:

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In this article, we will introduce a Ford Explorer in its second generation (or maybe its sister, Mercury Mountaineer) that believes itself to be a Ford Mustang SUV.

As we can see in the pictures, the old Explorer got some external modifications that included parts borrowed from the famous American muscle car Ford Mustang in its fifth generation, specifically the front end, headlights, and the front bumper. The front wheel arches and hood have also been lifted straight from a fifth-gen Mustang.

This strange car recently appeared in a group of photos posted on Reddit website, and it has a Georgia license plate. We have no idea why the owner of this explorer decided to make these modifications but we believe he did a good job!

Just as a reminder, the second-generation Ford Explorer was produced from 1995 to 2001, and the fifth-generation Mustang muscle car was produced from 2005 to 2014.

Share your thoughts with us, what do you think about this modification job that combined Ford Explorer and Mustang in a single car?

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