This Camaro SS Will Change Everything You Know About Car Modifications

American cars fans, you should pay attention while you watch today’s episode of Special Car, because Suhaib Shashaa will shock you when he introduces you closely to this modified Camaro SS.

Today’s star will change your idea about how a car can be modified, as it did not get a supercharger a turbocharger, or ProCharger! But Suhaib will reveal the secrets of this beast, which had no exterior modifications, except for the modified rims and tires!

Before we introduce this distinctive Camaro that we hosted previously in some racing event at the Dubai Autodrome, we would like to remind you of the last 3 episodes of Special Car program:


Watch The Video:

Originally, Camaro SS cars are powered a 6.2-liter V8 engine, but its owner, Mohamed Al Jabri, owner of SubZero garage, decided to make a distinctive modification project, so he used a naturally aspirated 5.3-liter V8 engine from General Motors, and installed a Stroker kit that includes modified crank, pistons, rods, and cylinder head gasket.

With these modifications providing large combustion chambers, engine displacement increased to 7,000 cc and the modified Camaro SS’ beating heart now can generate 700hp.

Parts prices

  • The price of the modified throttle is $ 953.
  • The price of the Roto-fab intake is $ 762.
  • The price of the stroker kit is 7.0 is $ 9,531.
  • The price of the Bullet camshaft is $ 4,221.
  • The price of a modified MSD manifold is $ 1,348.
  • The price of LT4 Z06 injectors is $ 1,116.
  • The cost of modifying the 10-speed gearbox is $ 681.
  • The price of the Bullet exhaust is $ 2,669.
  • The price of the brakes is 2,151 USD.
  • The price of the wheels is $ 2,124.
  • The price of the driveshaft is $ 1,688.

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