The Stages Of Modifying The 2020 Supra To Turn It Into A 1000hp Drift Car

Today we’ve got a video showing the stages of modifying the 2020 Supra, and turning the all-new Japanese sports car from Toyota into a thousand horsepower drift car!

Before talking about the process of rebuilding this modified car, we would like to remind you that our Arab GT team has already test-driven the all-new fifth-generation Toyota Supra in an episode of Test Drive program, presented by our colleague Karim Deeb, and we introduced you in this episode to this Japanese sports car that shares many parts with the Bavarian 2020 BMW Z4, as both cars resulted from a collaboration relationship between Toyota and BMW.

Now, let’s introduce the new 2020 Supra, which has been modified by Stephan Papadakis’ Papadakis Racing team, to become a drift car that can participate in the Formula Drift championship.

Watch the video of modifying the 2020 Toyota Supra:

The American modifications, which were made to the new Japanese sports car, included a new body with new parts made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, to reduce the weight of this supra and make it suitable for presenting professional drift shows on the circuit, in a long process that took months to complete.

For those who do not know, the 2020 Toyota Supra is originally powered by a BMW-sourced engine called B58, which is a turbocharged 3.0L straight-six engine, generating 335 hp and 500 Newton meters of torque, but after modifying this Supra and turning it into a drift car, the power of this beating heart has increased to not less than a thousand horsepower.

The Stages Of Modifying The 2020 Supra To Turn It Into A 1000hp Drift Car (2)

The power of this engine has increased after equipping the modified car with a new BorgWarner turbo, an AEM fuel injection system, and other modifications suitable for a car that is not going to be licensed for public streets, but rather for competing in the Formula Drift Championship.

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