The Secrets Of The Largest Ferrari Service Facility In The Region

Al Tayer Motors Ferrari Service Facility

Dear ArabGT’s followers, who is curious to see how the Ferrari supercar maintenance is carried out?

Our team will answer this request in today’s episode of Special Coverage program, and our colleague and Editor-in-chief Suhaib Shashaa will take a tour in Ferrari and Maserati service center at Al Tayer Motors in Dubai.

As you know, when we talk about dream cars, we all agree that Ferrari will be on the top of the list

It is true that the dream of owning a Ferrari may seem far-fetched, but any ambitious person must begin with a dream and draw the path to achieve his dream on the ground! May your dreams be fulfilled one day and you get to own one of the Italian Ferrari supercars!

Take a tour in the largest Ferrari Service facility in the Middle East:

Suhaib initially explained to us how the facility is notified when a Ferrari car arrives Al Tayer Motors maintenance center that is of course, after a prior appointment is made through the internet or by phone. So that the wild expensive cars be received properly, and then be put through a very professional and fast process that takes a few hours for regular maintenance.

The team that maintains Ferrari cars was trained in Ferrari’s home country, Italy so that they can take care of super-fast cars in the most professional way.

And now, let’s talk about important information for those who decide to fulfill their dream and buy a new Ferrari, the supercar comes with a 3-year factory warranty without distance limitation. You can also extend the warranty for another two years, provided that the car has not traveled a distance of 100,000 km in the first 3 years.

When you own your dream car from the agency, a 7-year maintenance contract comes with it, and this contract can be renewed for up to 15 years, which makes Ferrari cars service free of charge at the deale Al Tayer Motors.

But this contract does not include vehicle consumables, such as oil filters, windshield wiper blades, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, tires and air filters, etc…)

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