The Result of Testing The MBUX System In New Mercedes Cars

Fans of the different kinds of tests-drives, the kind that focuses on the advanced technologies in new cars, today we will show you the result of testing the MBUX system which is supported by HERE maps and is available on all new Mercedes-Benz cars.

We have previously presented a similar video that reveals how to use the SYNC 3 system when driving a 2020 Ford Explorer and get use of the maps provided by HERE Technologies. In that video we also presented some information about HERE company, and how it was founded in 1985 as Navteq before it ended up in the hands of the German giant automakers; Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi.

Watch Today’s Video:(English Subtitled)

As we are talking about the advanced MBUX system from Mercedes-Benz, short for Mercedes Benz User Experience, today’s episode started even before reaching the car! We started the episode by introducing the Mercedes ME app, which offers all the data of the 2021 Mercedes AMG A35 that accompanied Mousub Shashaa and Karim Depp while filming this journey. (More than one car can be registered on this application in case you own more than one Mercedes)

The first thing Mousub did with the Mercedes ME app was sending the location of the place he was going to to the car so that the AMG A35 would know where they going even before they got in it.

During the episode, Mousub mentioned the What3Words system, which is used in the MBUX system to help drivers reach specific destinations in an advanced, smart, and easy way

We also noted during this distinguished test drive of Mercedes-Benz cars that the high quality of the screens and their connection with smartphones provide the driver with everything he needs while driving without being distracted. Mousub also showed that the displays are very responsive and easy to use.


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