The New German-Chinese 2021 BMW iX3 Is Coming Soon

The fully electric 2021 BMW iX3 cars are preparing to enter the production lines so that the manufacturing of this new and advanced model would start by end of this summer, God willing.

Perhaps many of our loyal ArabGT followers know that our team have mentioned many times in recent years the upcoming new electric car, which will bear the name BMW iX3, and will represent the first electric luxury crossover that BMW will build. As you may remember, the year 2018 witnessed the launch of a concept version of this new advanced vehicle that will specifically compete with Tesla Model Y, Jaguar I Pace, Mercedes EQC and Audi e-Tron.

The New German-Chinese 2021 BMW iX3 Is Coming Soon (1)

As we mentioned in the title, the 2021 iX3 will mark the first cooperation between the Bavarian BMW company with the Chinese Brilliance Group, maybe some of BMW fans would be surprised to know that BMW is recording its highest sales in the world in the Chinese market, which is the largest car market in the world, while the United States occupies the second place.

What we mentioned about the importance of the Chinese market due to the huge sales volume in it compared to the rest of the other global markets requires special attention from automakers, and the official information available to our team at ArabGT indicates that the BMW iX3 production will take place at the Daedong factory in Xinjiang, after obtaining the required licensing of the Chinese and European governments, to produce a new car that meets the standards imposed by both countries.

The New German-Chinese 2021 BMW iX3 Is Coming Soon (3)

This car is powered by electricity and its powertrain generates 270 horsepower that you get from a 70 kW battery that can be fully charged with electric power in just 30 minutes! The electric car can travel 400 km in one electric charge.

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