The New 2021 Mercedes S-Class In Its Clearest Digital Photos

This is not the first time we see imaginary digital images of the upcoming new 2021 Mercedes S-Class, but rest assured, these pictures are the clearest yet of the large German luxury sedan – and the graphics were based on the latest spy photos of this model, which is considered a strong competitor to BMW 7 Series and Audi A8.

After we showed you last Friday our first test drive of the all-new 2020 Audi S8, which is competitor of Mercedes S63 AMG, and after we presented a frozen episode of Special Coverage program starred by 2020 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Coupe , today we will talk about a very important model in Mercedes-Benz line up, a car that will be one of the most important new cars that will officially appear in 2020.

Before talking about the next generation that will bear the name S Class W223, we would like to remind you that the German giant Mercedes announced that it has manufactured more than half a million cars of the S Class W222 model, the current generation of the S-Class which started in 2013 and is about to be stopped soon in a Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, Germany.

2021 mercedes s-class

Today, dear Arabs GT followers, we show you the clearest imaginary pictures of the new 2021 Mercedes S-Class, presented by website.

These imaginary images reveal the huge new front grille, the modern design headlights, and the new front and rear bumpers. We can also notice the sharp lines going from the hood to the car doors, which got hidden handles inside the body and new side mirrors, and the car got new oversized rims.

From the back, we notice that the upcoming S-Class has got lamps derived from its sister, the 2020 Mercedes CLS, as well as a new rear diffuser and new exhaust tips as well.

What do you think? Will the new flagship from Mercedes be any different than the pictures you saw here? Share your thoughts with us!



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