The Most Powerful Modified Golf R In The Arab World Is A Small Missile

Our ArabGT team congratulates you, dear followers, on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr and we would like to express our best wishes to the Arabic and Islamic nations. On this special day we will introduce the most powerful modified golf R car in the Arab world, presented to you by our colleague Suhaib Shashaa in an episode of  Special Car program.

This episode is dedicated to the fans of car modifications, as we will see with you today the capabilities of a 4-cylinder Volkswagen Golf R after it was modified to become faster than Mercedes E63 AMG, Dodge Hellcat, Nissan GT-R, & even Lamborghini Aventador.

Meet the most powerful modified Golf R in our region:

In the beginning of the episode Suhaib tested the acceleration of the most powerful modified Golf R in the Arab world, before he told us about the tremendous modifications that it got.

Today’s star of Special Car was the first Golf R Coupé in the United Arab Emirates.

The beating heart of this German hatchback is a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that was modified and equipped with an Iroz turbocharger that generates 708 hp. With these modifications the car can accelerate from 100 km / h to 200 km / h in about five seconds.

Today’s episode included introducing one of Mopar car care products, which is a leather and rubber cleaner for the interior of the car.

Modification parts prices :

  • Aquamist methanol $1,850
  • Head rebuild $5,180
  • Intercooler $1,250
  • Exhaust $1,089
  • Air intake $500
  • Fuel pumps $3,600
  • Iroz turbo $6,130
  • Engine build $6,800
  • Basket clutch kit $3,850
  • Spark plugs and coils $450

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