The Most Powerful Golf GTI in Riyadh Is The Star Of The First Episode Of Volkswagen Stars

VW Golf GTI is Today’s episode star!

Today we are announcing the start our new show; Volkswagen Stars,  and we start the challenges in the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh with the first qualified contestant; the 25 years old Mohammed Al Ateeq, as he competes for the title of competition with A Golf GTI car of the 7th generation.

Immediately after opening the door for registration for this challenge last month, many Volkswagen cars owners registered, and after that, the process of choosing the qualified candidates began and resulted in 13 finalists of the owners of distinctive Volkswagen cars.

Now, our team is filming episodes about each and every one of them with their cars so that they enter the voting stage. The candidate with most vote will win the title of the competition. Voters will enter the draw to win a brand new 2020 VW Passat.

Watch the Video:

Mohammed says this is the second VW car he owns in his life, the first being a Volkswagen Jetta, which was a suitable ride for his life as a student. But Jetta introduced him to another VW car, namely Golf GTI; a car he loved so much and chose to participate with in Volkswagen Stars competition presented to you by ArabGT.

Mohammed Al-Ateeq’s modifications started with Stage 1, before he raised more money and added the Stage 2 Plus modifications, and now the heart of this front-wheel-drive sports hatchback can generate 350 hp, which is very good for a modified car that weighs between 1,300 to 1,350 kg, so good that it is considered the most powerful Golf GTI in Riyadh to date.

It took Mohamed two years to move his car modifications from Stage 1 to Stage 2 , and he did it with the lowest possible cost with the help of Group VW Saudi Arabia, which includes a large number of owners of this German car. Yet, Mohamed Al Ateeq assured us that he will not stop the process of modifying his Golf GTI, which he uses on a daily basis.

Support this candidate and vote for him by clicking on this link Mohammed Al Ateeq and get the chance to win a new Passat 2020.


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