The Modification Project Of This BMW E30 Took 11 Years

We will talk about a modification project that lasted for 11 years to modify this BMW E30 – which Suhaib Shashaa test-drove in today’s episode of Special Car program.

Before introducing the distinguished old BMW car, we would like to remind you of the last 3 episodes from Special Car program:

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Suhaib mentioned at the beginning of the episode that this Bavarian car was bought by its current owner in 2009, he spent 5 years collecting the rare and very exclusive parts of this car and then he modified this BMW E30, which is characterized by its small size and little weight.

This car is mainly based on the 1990 BMW 320 model, but its beating heart was replaced to get an engine borrowed from its sister car, the E39 5-series car, which is a linear 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.8 liters generating 190 hp.

The star of today’s episode gave up the ZF transmission originally used in the 5-Series engine, to get the GETRAG gearbox with short ratios.

During the episode, Suhaib noted that he had previously test-driven the legendary M3 E30 in previous episodes of Special Car.

BMW E30 car modification parts price list:

  • The price of the paint job is $ 2,723.
  • Air suspension price is $ 3,268.
  • Interior modification price is $ 1,906.
  • The 17-inch wheels are priced at $ 1,362.
  • Body kit price is $ 1,362.
  • Engine price is $ 1,906.
  • General maintenance cost $ 5,446.

Our Arab GT team would like to thank Fadi Taim, the owner of this special car.for giving us his car to make this episode of Special Car program and show it to you!

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