The latest Kia SUV coupe has more advanced driving systems than 2021 S-Class

Kia SUV concept “Futuron” is a car from the future

Today, the World Wide Web has documented the release of photos and specifications of the latest SUV from the Korean manufacturer Kia Motors. The new concept car bears the name Kia Futuron; the result of combining 2 words “ Future ” and “ on ” to assure us that it is a car for the future.

The latest Kia concept car will be launched in five days from now (November 10th) at China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.

Futuron concept car has a futuristic exterior that represents the identity of a new SUV. The car is fully electric and it’s an all-wheel-drive car.

The futuristic vehicle has retained the identity of the Tiger’s nose, which is seen in all of Kia’s new cars. Yet it has a very distinctive look with a luminous space grille that incorporates the headlights behind it,

The car also has a sporty identity and sharp lines with a pyramid-like design. And since we are talking about a concept car, the vehicle has lost the side mirrors and got giant wheels.

At the rear, the spacecraft insane design is complemented by a curved panoramic roof, to give us a hint about Kia’s vision of SUV coupes in the future.  A vision we previously came to see in Kia EV concept design that appeared at Geneva Motor Show back in March.

Watch Kia Futuron Video:

The Interior of the newest Kia SUV coupe is very futuristic like its exterior and it comes with 4 passenger seats that are likely to be moved since we are talking about a self-driving car. Nonetheless, it has a steering wheel which makes us expect that the driver has the choice of driving or making it drive itself.

As mentioned in the title, the newest Kia concept car has more advanced driving systems than the all-new 2021 Mercedes S-Class, as the latter will be based on Level 3 semi-autonomous driving systems (the last level allowing driver intervention)., while the  Korean concept car has level 4 – self-driving systems.

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