The Joker Takes Full Control Over A Modified Dodge Charger

Today, you are on a date with a new episode of Special Car program, in which Suhaib Shashaa will introduce a modified Dodge Charger that is inspired by the fictional character, The Joker, who gained popularity as the villain in Batman movies.

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Watch the Video:

The 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 is the star of today’s episode, and its owner bought it as a brand new car  8 years ago, and at that time he was obsessed with the world of power modification and acceleration, so he immediately added a supercharger, exhaust, and air filters and he to participated in a number of drag races on circuits

But the owner of this car changed his mind after he saw the conflict between the Joker and Batman in the movie The Dark Knight, so he gave up the supercharger and the mechanical modifications that he had made to his American car and he left it with the naturally aspirated 6.4-liter V8 engine

  • Dodge Charger modification parts price list:
  • The price of the 20-inch rims is $ 2,723.
  • The price of lighting is $ 1,362.
  • The price of the sound system is $ 3,268.
  • Body Kit price is $ 2,178.
  • Airbrush, foil wrapping and painting cost is $ 9,258.
  • The price of the Exhaust and programming is $ 3,268.
  • The price of the hydraulic shock absorber system is $ 3,812.

We thank Walid Mohamed, nicknamed “The Joker,” the owner of this modified Dodge Charger


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