The First Stages Of Preparing Karim Deeb’s Car For Racing


Today we announce the beginning of a new program produced by ArabGT.  “ArabGT Racing Team” will present a new different series of videos and we will start with one of Karim Deeb’s personal cars. Karim’s car will be modified in order to participate in official drift competitions that will be held on racetracks.

As our team promised,  in 2020, we will present a number of new and different programs that will satisfy the needs and aspirations of car enthusiasts in the Arab region. Together dear followers, God willing, we will be able to realize our slogan “Towards an Arab Name among Nations with ArabGT”

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In Today’s video will restore an old car and prepare it for racing, and the star of the first episode of our newest program will be Chevrolet Corvette C6. We will see the first stages of converting a regular Corvette C6 from a streetcar to a drift car, and the process will take place in Magic Star garage in Umm Ramool, Dubai

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The start of the reconstruction phase of the first cars of the “ArabGT Racing Team” program definitely required removing the engine, the exhaust system, and other parts so that the car be rebuilt or “overhauled”. This will improve the car’s performance and make it ready for races without replacing its original engine.

However, the rebuild job included adding many new parts, and the engine will be connected to a manual gearbox instead of the automatic gearbox originally used.

As we are talking about a drift car, a Stroker kit must be added to increase torque and all internal parts must be removed to reduce the weight of the car. After that, a Roll Cage should be added to the passenger compartment of the car, in order to protect its occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a rollover.

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