The First Mercedes-Benz Car That Appears In 2020 Is Inspired By Avatar Movie

Avatar Studios Helped Design The Car

Today we will introduce the first futuristic Mercedes-Benz car that appeared in 2020, as this new German concept car was launched in the city of Las Vegas at CES 2020, where our colleague Mousub Shashaa is present to cover the most important events in this global show.

The new car we are talking about in this article, dear Arab GT followers, was named Mercedes Vision AVTR and has a spacecraft-like design that is suitable for a non-commercial concept vehicle that paves the way for new designs coming from Mercedes in the future.

The newest concept car from the German Mercedes company came as a result of a joint collaboration with the famous Avatar Studios, and the car shows an attempt to merge the shape of cars in the future with a focus on nature and the human relationship with it. An idea inspired by Avatar movie, whose imaginary events took place on Pandora planet, which is inhabited by a species of 10-foot tall (3.0 m), blue-skinned humanoids that live in harmony with nature.

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The exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz AVTR Concept is very bold and different from the identity of the current car, with a bumpy gray body that contains blue laser lights that are scattered everywhere, even in the rims of the huge car.

In the background, we notice that the futuristic Mercedes-Benz car has got 33 small rear spoilers that open and close as if the car was breathing, just like Pandora’s creatures in the movie. This provides a huge amount of aerodynamics, but at the same time, it eliminates the presence of a rear window.

The concept car also gave upside mirrors and got side glass doors that make you see inside the car.

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The newest future Mercedes-Benz car is powered by a 110 kW batteries that were made of graphene rather than the usual toxic expensive materials, and it’s totally recyclable.

These batteries provide a total power of 470 hp and can be charged in just 15 minutes to enable Mercedes AVTR to travel a distance of 700 km per electric charge.


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