The Extremely Rare Gemballa Mirage GT Crashes In New York

New York is top state with the most U.S. coronavirus cases, and the epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 5489 people of its residents so far, but this American state has witnessed another kind of tragedy, which is the crash of the Gemballa Mirage GT, a very rare modified car based on the German sports car Porsche Carrera GT.

Being a bearer of bad news is definitely not a good thing, but the news about the crash of this very rare car, which took place today morning in Manhattan area of ​​New York City in America, is everywhere on the web, and a lot of people are feeling sorry, for this is a very rare and expensive car.

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But before talking about the details of the accident, and just as a reminder, there are only 25 copies of the Gemballa Mirage GT in the world, and after this accident, the number of this rare modified version dropped to  24 copies.

As we mentioned, this special car was modified by the German company Gemballa an it’s based on Porsche Carrera GT. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V10 engine that generates 670 hp instead of the 603 hp provided produced by the stock car.

However, the increased horsepower was not the only thing that the German company did, where the sports car got a modified suspension system and a modified lightweight bod with ram-air roof-mounted air intake. The modifications also included different rims, a giant rear spoiler, and four exhaust tips.

There are some press reports  indicating that the owner of the rare sports car was intoxicated while driving, which caused the destruction of this beauty, which is priced at 780 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 2,925,000 Saudi riyals

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