The Cost Of Renting A Car On The Most Dangerous Circuit In The World

In today’s episode of Vlog program, Suhaib takes you to a very special place; he takes a tour on the famous German circuit: Nürburgring. This circuit is the favorite circuit for all carmakers around the world and they prefer to test their cars there. Nürburgring is also known as “The Green Hell”, due to the dense trees surrounding its track, and the horrific accidents that took place on it, which made many consider it the most dangerous circuit in the world.

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The circuit provides a number of cars that you can rent, and these cars are equipped with all means of safety and security such as a roll-cage in the back and a fire extinguisher and helmet as well for the driver. The suspension system has also been modified in these cars, which were also provided with lightweight metal wheels.

Taxi Ride cars are also available, which you can rent with a professional driver to take you on a tour on the circuit. Car rental rates vary depending on the type of car. For example, it will cost you 299 euros to rent a Porsche GT2 RS with its driver while you can rent a BMW M 3 for 269 euros. In addition, the prices vary according to the season.

Our colleague, Suhaib, of course, did not want another person in the driving seat, so he decided to rent a car that he drives himself, and اث chose Renault Clio RS200, which costs 169 euros for two laps on the circuit. In addition to the cost of renting the car, you must also pay the rental fee for the circuit, which costs you 25 Euros per lap.

If you want to keep a souvenir from your visit to the legendary racing track Nurburgring, Suhaib told us that there are a number of photographers on the track who photograph all cars and then they upload these pictures on the Internet, so that you can buy your personal picture while you are driving on the most dangerous circuit in the world.

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