The All-New 2020 Honda City officially Revealed Online

2020 Honda City Grew Bigger In Its 5th Generation

Today, we will introduce the new 2020 Honda City sedan, which was officially launched on-line. This is the fifth-generation of Honda sedan that competes against Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Sonic.

The exterior design of 2020 Honda City seems to be derived from its bigger sister Honda Civic, but with more modern features, including a new front grille chrome surrounded by new headlights, and LED lamps for the front and rear lights. The car rides on 15 inches wheels.

Inside, the Japanese manufacturer says the cabin is more spacious than before, and as the new dimension show , the cabin has a very spacious interior indeed and there is a good amount of legroom for rear passengers. The interior is also available with optional leather seats and chrome door handles.

2020 Honda City is now available in a new version called the City RS, which adds some sporty touches that include different front and rear bumpers, a black front grille, 16-inch rims and other design features that add to the sporty design.

Exterior dimensions of 2020 Honda City

Length: 4553 mm (113 mm longer)

Width: 1748 mm (53 mm wider)

Height: 1467 mm (10 mm lower)

Wheelbase: 2589 mm (11 mm shorter)

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Mechanical Specifications:

This compact sedan is powered by a turbocharged 3-liter three-cylinder engine with 120-horsepower (122 PS) and 173 Nm of torque, connected to a 7-speed CVT transmission.


The price of the new Honda City will start from 19,170 USD equivalent to 71,887 SAR.

Just as a reminder, Honda City cars were first produced in 1981 to be sold in certain markets. However, In 1996, the model became available globally.

You can see 2017 Honda City thoroughly tested in a Test Drive episode with presented by our colleague Karim Deeb, watch the video here: 2017 Honda City Test-Drive


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