Suhaib Introduces the Fastest and Most Powerful Electric Car in the World

The fastest electric car in the world was Tesla Roadster, which recorded a dramatic acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 1.9 seconds.

But today at 2019 Dubai International Motor Show, our colleague Suhaib Shashaa met a new electric car that surpassed Tesla, a new car built to be the fastest in the world with fancy acceleration figures.

Owl is the first Japanese super electric car, and since Aspark Company unveiled the concept version of the car at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show they continued the development process until they finalized the production version and showed it  now in Dubai.

Our colleague Suhaib tells us in this video about Owl car amazing performance, which makes it the most powerful and fastest electric car in the world

Watch the video:

To achieve this performance, the car is equipped with four electric motors with a lithium-ion battery generating a total power of up to 1300 kW, while the speed of the car is up to 400 km / h electronically limited. According to the Company’s official numbers the range of the car about 450 km with a full battery.

The car has a carbon fiber chassis, while the Japanese manufacturer used carbon fiber reinforced plastic for exterior design with exotic falcon doors. The Japanese car is equipped with a hydraulic suspension system that provides three heights to suit different driving modes.

owl Aspark electric car in Dubai

From inside, the car came with a luxurious cabin with a colorful lighting system and with all the specifications and systems you expect in a modern electric. The car weight is no more than 1900 kg

The company is expected to start delivering cars to its owners in the second quarter of 2020, where the company has already received 15 orders so far to buy this limited-production supercar.

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